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Company  activities
Entertainment activities and sports competitions are frequently held to enrich spare time of staff.

Company Objectives

It is our cordial attitude towards customers that all business are pushed forward constantly. Tung Hing Holding Limited has received universal recognition and respect from society and customers worldwide. The enterprise provides broad platform for the achievement of staff. It has cultivated an elite team dedicating themselves to the development of enterprise. We believe that enterprise cultivates staff, and staff support enterprise.


seriousness: take things seriously, treat people seriously. Earnest is the precondition of high quality.
swiftness: swift in action ,swift in feedback. Swiftness is the essence for creating high efficiency.
Faith: keep promise. Faith is the foundation stone of living and development.

company guideline

Listening: the voice from society, market, quality, clients and staff.
Innovation: master the advanced technique. Innovation is the soul of enterprise.
Preciseness: establishment and fulfillment of perfect quality system.
Repay society: supply quality products and best service for society.
Repay shareholders: keep core competence advanced, improve profit ability to feedback the trust from shareholders.
Repay staff: create relaxed working atmosphere, provide platform for their achievement, feedback the contribution from staff.

company spirit

Responsibility: system of post responsibility and no shirking one’s own duty.
Perfection: perfect the work base upon one’s own duties.